Our range of services

Our clients include private individuals, individual companies, business partnerships and limited companies in various sectors. To find out more about the services we provide, please click on the sections below.


Tax services

We offer a comprehensive range of tax services which take account of current developments.


In order to determine the most suitable and efficient service for your tax affairs, we offer an initial consultation which is always free of charge and is entirely without obligation

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Accounting, Audit and Assurance

More than mere payroll and financial accounting: we go behind the figures to provide analyses that you can use as a performance management tool. We highlight trends, opportunities to enhance profit and also any potential threats.


Audits and Assurance services fall into several categories. The main reason for requiring an audit is due to statutory requirements.  A statutory audit is required under the following circumstances:

  • Business turnover exceeds £6.5million or your gross assets exceed £3.26 million or the company is part of a group that exceeds those limits.
  • You are a PLC or a banking, insurance or finance company (or a subsidiary of one of these).
  • You are required by your professional or trade organisation to have your accounts audited.
  • Your shareholders refuse to opt out of the audit requirement.


 A voluntary audit may however be requested under circumstances where either:

  • You are contemplating selling your business and want to make audited accounts available to potential investors.
  • Audited accounts are required as part of an application to raise finance.


We also perform due diligence on target businesses on behalf of potential investor to provide comfort over the value of the business.


In any case, we aim to deliver hassle free service in a timely and constructive fashion.